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For the last 23 years, Oxford Plumbing have provided the highest quality plumbing services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our plumbing services include Water & Sewer Hookups, Sewer Inspections, Water Treatment, Sewer Video & Camera, Inspections and new construction projects. We are committed to providing high quality products to every plumbing project we undertake. Because we know the skills of our team, we can offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

Water Sewer Connections - Oxford Plumbing

Water Sewer Connections

In plumbing there are a few different types of systems, one of them being the drainage system. The main sewer line is the lifeline for the plumbing system inside the home or building.

Water Treatment - Oxford Plumbing

Water Treatment

Growing up we remember the crisp cool taste of water straight from the tap.  Since then, there have been many changes to the environment and, ultimately, to our tap water.

Well Pumps - Oxford Plumbing

Well Pumps

With so many factors to consider, choosing a well pump can be a daunting task: What is the depth to my water source? Should I choose a submersible pump or a jet-type? We are here to help.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

With over 15 years  of experience, you know when you have a clogged drain you can count on Oxford Plumbing, not only for plumbing service, but for all of your drain cleaning and sewer cleaning needs.

Sewer Cleaning - Oxford Plumbing

Sewer Camera Inspections

Without the right technology, it can be hard to tell what is happening inside your piping. That is why our team at Oxford Plumbing offers a sewer camera inspection service,


Backflow Prevention Program

On June 14, 2023, Oxford County Council endorsed Oxford County By-law No. 6544-2023 Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention to further safeguard the municipal drinking water system by preventing contamination from non-drinking water sources. Backflow events can significantly impact residents, businesses, and the environment by impacting water quality, posing a health risk to consumers, and causing service interruptions.

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