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No more chilly draft! No more space heaters! Never mind arranging your furniture around the heating ducts – put it wherever you like it best. Go ahead and get down and let your littles ones explorer without concern for the temperature of the surface they’re crawling on.

In today’s new home designs, hydronic radiant floor heating makes even more sense. Rooms (bathrooms included) are larger, with higher ceilings and lots of tile and other cold surfaces. With forced-air and radiator heating, these spaces generally feel cold. That’s not a problem with radiant floor heating; even the hard surfaces will feel warm to the touch.

The system allows great flexibility when it comes to furniture arrangement, too. With forced-air or radiators, occupants must strategically place their furniture to accommodate grills or radiators. With radiant floor heating, furniture can go anywhere because there are no grills or radiators.

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How does Radiant Floor Heating work?

With radiant floor heating, heat is distributed underneath or within the floor. Comparable to warming yourself in the sun, this type of heating warms the floor and the objects touching the floor as opposed to raising the temperature of the air.

Hydronic radiant floor heating is a system of plastic or metal tubes/pipes laid within a floor that carries hot water into specific rooms or “zones,” dispersing the heat through the floor surface.

The cooler water returns to the heat source where it is reheated and sent out again in what is known as a “closed-loop system.” The pipes can be encased in a concrete slab, a concrete or gypsum cement overpour, laid into thin grooved panels that nail on top of a subfloor, or suspended below a wooden subfloor using metal fins fastened under the floor surface. The heat output is determined by pipe spacing, water temperature, flow rate and floor covering. The heat output must be calculated to meet the heat loss demands of the home.

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