Save money and shrink your carbon footprint with solar hot water

Most homes in Canada heat their water with traditional natural gas, propane, or electric boilers. But there is a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way to enjoy a reliable supply of domestic hot water.

Solar hot water allows homeowners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by shutting off their hot water tanks during the summer months – without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of enjoying hot water on demand.

Hot Water Solar Panels - Oxford Plumbing

How solar hot water panels work

1. The sun hits solar panels on the roof, heating a non-toxic antifreeze mix and triggering the pump to activate
2. The solar-heated mix is pumped from the roof to a heat exchanger in your storage tank, which indirectly heats your water supply
3. The storage tank supplies hot water for your domestic use

Our solar thermal systems use a ‘closed-loop’ design, meaning the non-toxic antifreeze mix never comes into contact with your drinking water during the heat exchange process.

Our systems also feature an integrated back-up system that automatically provides hot water during prolonged periods of cloudy weather. Designed to work with most existing hot water systems, our solar thermal systems operate trouble-free throughout all four seasons.

Is a solar thermal system the right fit?

Solar hot water systems provide an excellent water heating solution for anyone currently heating their domestic water using an inefficient and costly boiler or hot water tank.

There are many options available to produce hot water for your home, depending on your current and future water needs, the available resources, and your budget.

The trained solar professionals at Oxford Plumbing will visit your home for a free consultation to determine whether solar hot water or an alternate high-efficiency system is the best fit for your family.

To learn more about hot water solar panels from Oxford Plumbing, contact us today.

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Hot Water Solar Panels

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