Backflow Prevention Program

Yes we are certified!

As you may know Oxford County endorsed a bylaw No. 6544-2023 Cross Connection & Backflow prevention to further safeguard the municipal drinking water system.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is a reversal of the normal flow of water. It occurs under “back pressure” or “back siphonage” conditions, which push or pull water from inside a private-service connection back into the municipal drinking water system.

What are the risks?

Backflow events can impact the water quality in the distribution system and at neighbouring properties if the water “backflows” through a cross connection. A cross-connection is any connection between the municipal drinking water system and any source of contamination.

As a qualified and approved contractor we must be certified by the Ontario Water Works Association or other governing body and qualified to conduct work in accordance with the by-law.

Our Responsibilities include;

  • Proof of certification
  • Perform initial cross-connection surveys with fees payable to Oxford County via phone or in person at the Oxford County Administration Building
  • Perform annual backflow device inspections with fees payable to BSI
  • Purchase Backflow Device Test Tags
  • Submit inspection forms to Oxford County.
  • Provide feedback as required in terms of BPD installation, inspection, testing and repair(s) etc.

For more information visit or to book your cross connection survey or testing please contact us.